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Sometimes unexpected life situations leave visible traces exactly the way we want them to be. Love, for instance

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Sometimes unexpected life situations leave visible traces exactly the way we want them to be. Love, for instance

Sometimes, unexpected life situations leave traces more visible than we want them to be. Here, presented to you, the emotional argument behind a superficial change. 

But arguments can never be defined as arguments without a person on the other side of the table, eagerly waving with the hand in the air, ready to break down your truth with another point of view. Maybe it is time to let that person speak. 

Sometimes unexpected life situations leave visible traces precisely the way we want them to be. Love, for instance, has the powerful effect of adding a kind filter for our eyes.

Maybe we have reached a certain level of self-love when we truly understand that we don’t owe society anything regarding our appearance despite challenging beauty standards. Visible signs of aging are just proof that life is working. Your laugh wrinkles are clear evidence of that. 

The topic around aesthetic treatment and beauty, in general, revolves around perfecting or even changing who you are. We live in a society where we believe that happiness is something you are blessed with if your proportions are mathematically correct, and so it has been for as long as we can remember. But since perfection is something we only can touch on but never really achieve, this can cause us stress and a feeling of not being enough. 

Stress is one of the main factors that cause premature aging and breaks down our ability to generate collagen and elastin, only to mention a few of the things that stress causes. That is what makes it a paradox.


Your appearance will always belong to you. That is why it will always be an individual choice and hopefully a non-judgmental one. But here is an essential checklist before you are thinking about making an aesthetic treatment: 


  1. Are you doing it for yourself? The only legit answer to that question.
  2. What are your concerns? Try to think equally of the emotional reasons as the rational ones.
  3. Have you done research? It is essential to visit a clinic with a lot of experience that uses safe techniques and natural results. It is also necessary to choose the right practitioner that listens and can guideline you with different alternative treatments.


As a renowned clinic, we know we carry responsibility, and therefore, we will always open the door for both you and your story. 

Welcome and book a consultation.